Since its founding in 2001, Creative Studio Elements has been dedicated to the mission of turning its ideas into reality in the most effective, memorable and enjoyable way.

We specialize in graphic design, corporate identity and prepress; we provide various solutions in the field of visual communications and boldly tackle new challenges.
We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our studio follows a strict methodology to ensure fast, flexible and successful implementation of each project. We like to brag about our internal organizational system, which allows us to always be prepared for a timely, efficient and adequate response.

Our Team

We operate in three main departments, Creative Department, Prepress Department and Production Department. Together we complete the entire process from developing a concept to its design and effective adaptation for both digital and print media. We have our own production workshop which enables us to guarantee the provision of high quality printed materials.
All of us are very dedicated to our work and together we manage to achieve a result that we are proud of.

How We Work

We meet live or online to discuss our joint project.
We send a price quote for the planned amount of work.
Once the quote and the deadlines are agreed, we start working.
We send an email with initial suggestions and keep in touch for further adjustments.
Once the design is finally approved, we create the required files, which are always proofread and customized to suit the needs of the project (whether print or digital).


Long-standing experience in the field of graphic design and printing.
Our own team of professionals who complete the entire work process from concept to production.
Ready to complete projects in a short time frame without compromising on quality.в кратки срокове без компромис с качеството.

Quality policy

Elements Group Ltd. offers products and services related to the design and prepress of all types of printed advertising materials. The quality of the final product is a duty of all employees of the organization.
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